Extract from my book ‘Empires of the Smiles’ and concerns the custody of my children to the Municipality of Milan, because of the marital separation and the divorce process. If you become incapable of looking after your children, there are few margins to complain if those who bear the burdens do it so according to his educational preferences, but the Catholic institution ‘Martinit’ where the female was housed, was fully managed by Marxist community centres active in street politics. They involved her totally changing its sociological convictions and completely incompatible with my liberal Christians. I was living it as a ‘scam’ by Italian nation and a betrayal by Catholic Church, which I was hoping for at least ‘neutral’ education and instead, turned out to be the unexpected and ruthless trap where not a Jesus Christ but a Carlo Marx, the secular ‘Satan’, by now dominates and mislead all youth is able to pour his conceptual poisons. Pedophilia is not enough to obscure its moral legitimacy, the 'heretical' temptation indicates a church that finds it increasingly difficult to embody a genuine Christianity. It happened twenty years ago and I believed that those educators had been hired by mistake, but above all with the recent papacy the Marxist turn of the Catholic Church appears unchallengeable and I think it appropriate to tell it, to help some divorcing to understand in time in which hands their own offspring could end up.